Love from The TUB or Newborns, come on! Rarely cute.

Posted by Jocelyn Morelli on Jul 15th 2018

As I write this letter to you all, it's been a year since my mom’s last birthday and a year since she passed away. I honor my mother's death, with the birth of the Local Tub website. Now, I know it's not the cutest baby in the world wide web. It's a newborn. Newborns, come on, rarely cute. It is healthy. All that matters. I trust it will grow into a beautiful site as my company evolves, I settle on a logo + hire a professional to help me out! I trust you guys will be right there, as always, keeping me, Kenn and my daughter floating peacefully in our Local Tub.

We are so grateful. Jocelyn, Kenn + Joa

*Read below for a recap of my journey through grief, growth and coming out on the other side!

Many of you know, I suffered the loss of my mother of 50 years + my business partner of 20 years, July 2017.

Many of you have stopped by the store to say "Hi!" or check-in on me. Finding Kenn and his smile greeting you, helping you.

I wasn’t there.

Unable to keep my emotions in check when I was in the store here and there. If a kind soul, who didn't know my mother passed away, would ask how my mom was doing or a sudden wave of grief would clobber me from behind, leaving me soaked in tears. Kenn and I agreed, it was best I not be there. With the constant support of Kenn, I was allowed to move through my grieving process at home.

Still, many of you purchased products, sent messages of support to me, delivered by Kenn. Keeping me afloat financially and spiritually.

I am so grateful.

Many of you called over the holidays, offering your ear, your support, you checked-in, you ordered products online and over the phone. Keeping me afloat financially and spiritually.

I am so grateful.

In January, I found my mother had been taken advantage of by the web hosting company she hired in 2014. They demanded I pay an extravagant yearly fee to continue hosting our website. A non-negotiable fee, I did not expect nor could afford. The hosting company followed through on their threat and shut down the website. Still, many of you, kept on ordering over the phone, talking to me texting me, messaging me on Facebook. Keeping me afloat financially and spiritually.

I am so grateful.

Mid-February came, it was obvious and prudent financially, to move the store across the street to a smaller space in order to keep the retail prices affordable after price increases on my base products. I had to make the move by Feb 28. Some of you showed up, helping me move heavy fixtures, cleaning the store, repairing nail holes. It was also necessary for me to move from the residence my daughter and I shared with my mother, as we were constantly reminded of our loss. Again people showed up. Keeping us going.

March came and we opened our new doors. Many went to bathe only to find the store gone. Many found us. Crossing the street, finding bathe, finding Kenn and his smile, holding down the fort.

I wasn't there.

After pushing myself to physical exhaustion from the moves and under tremendous emotional stress, grief stricken and afraid, I developed shingles. Unable to stand for very long, dealing with whole body pain, I was forced to rest. Still, many of you ordered over the phone or on Facebook. Some of you patiently put up with delays, orders slipping through the cracks, messages missed. When I'd call you, owning my mistakes, explaining my situation, I was met with understanding and generosity and patience. Keeping me afloat financially and spiritually.

I am so grateful.

April arrived with advice from a CPA, to start my own company. Change the name. Get a fresh start. Keep doing what I love, just put my own spin on it. So, I did. Local Tub. Many of you went with it. I was still recuperating. Yet you stopped by finding Kenn with his smile as he stood watch over the business. You made purchases. Placed phone orders. Keeping us afloat, as always.

May, June, July...These months filled with learning curves, growing pains and tears of frustration. I learned I was in way over my head trying to get this website up and running by myself! I learned to rest or I will get ill again. I learned my mom is forever by my side. I learned everything is going to be all right even when it seems to be going wrong. I learned I love being in my new store. I miss you guys.

I am so grateful.